Our Story

Many people have visited us and asked:

“Fish, yes. But why Wooden?"

Behind that memorable name is an authentic Vietnamese folk tale that is as charming and uplifting as the Vietnamese food that we seek to provide.

A long time ago in Vietnam, a poor, hardworking young scholar made the journey to partake in the National Literature Examination.

For the long, arduous trip from the Central region to the capital in North Vietnam, he was equipped with nothing but a few books, a pen and some rice rolls with salt and sesame to keep the hunger at bay.

The journey was uncomfortable at best, given the lack of any resources to facilitate the young traveller.

Tired and hungry, along the way, he caught sight of a restaurant where a group of diners was sharing a big fish at the table.

Knowing that he could not possibly afford to eat there, yet all the same, craving a hot, plentiful meal, the young man sat down and carved a fish from a discarded piece of wood. He ate his rice rolls with the wooden fish in his view, dreaming that the fish would be his to share at the table one day.

The determined student went forth to win the highest honour at the National Examination and became the King’s Consul and his story was passed from generation to generation in Vietnam to enshrine the values of the Vietnamese people: hard work, optimism and perseverance.

Like the scholar in the tale, we started with a dream and today, we find ourselves with an inspired restaurant where each day we work hard with love and dedication to make every meal a delicious and memorable experience, every visitor a welcome and contented friend.

Welcome to Wooden Fish.

And welcome back.